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Wider Curriculum CPD courses

ICT across the curriculum

Course Overview:
This one day course will provide class teachers and subject leaders with the opportunity to evaluate how well ICT is currently used across the curriculum within their school. Attendees will be provided with examples of how the use of ICT can be combined with other subjects to promote effective teaching in relation to pupils’ skill, concept and attitude development, as well as enhancing primary teachers’ confidence in the use of ICT in their classroom teaching.

Course Content:

  • Learn how to create engaging hooks across different subjects within the curriculum, using video apps and interactive websites.
  • Learn how to create interactive introductions to topics using website apps
  • Provide appealing cold and hot task activities based around interactive quizzes, resulting in informative data capture and results.
  • Combine visual demonstrations with wearable technology for use in science.
  • Move away from static software applications and learn how to combine Google Apps with group collaboration for a desired output.
  • Learn techniques to merge topics through different curriculum subjects using ICT.
  • Come away with e-safety tips and resources that can be communicated to parents about visiting sites such as YouTube, as well as which apps parents should be looking out for on their children’s devices.
  • Are your social media profiles as private as they could be? Learn how to lock down your profiles with useful tips and tricks that you can take back to your staff.

About Tony Rolfe:
Tony Rolfe is a primary teacher and ICT co-ordinator at Warren Road Primary School. He has over 19 years’ experience in ICT and has previously worked with a variety of different organisations within the industry. Tony is passionate about ICT and is keen to help teachers move away from the traditional idea that ICT is limited to a computer suite and ICT lessons.

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Course Details

Tony Rolfe

04 Mar 20

Warren Road Primary School, Warren Road, Orpington, Kent, Br6 6JF

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Course Takeway

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