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Brokering an SLE

What to do if you require and SLE

If you require an SLE we would try and match an SLE with a leader or leaders in the school that requires support, liaising with the SLE and his or her own school’s Headteacher to confirm capacity and availability.

Models and types of deployments will vary.  SLEs will be monitored and held accountable for the quality of the support they provide.  They will be expected to be able to evidence that their work has had a positive impact. As a Teaching School, we are responsible for ensuring that the SLEs designated are providing high-quality support to others and that this support is having a positive impact.

Before an SLE is deployed there would be a deployment contract completed to outline specifically what the area of focus is, the agreed duration/scope of the deployment, funding agreement and impact indicators. To request the assistance of an SLE, please in the first instance contact